This year, Potterheads can spend Halloween in the most magical way possible: at Hogwarts After Dark.

Lonely Planet reports that London’s Warner Bros. Studios is bringing back the spooky event after its success last year. Muggles and wizards alike will be able to spend an evening in the Great Hall decorated with floating pumpkins, and enjoy a festive banquet of red apples, pumpkin treats, and cauldrons full of lollipops.

After dinner, guests will be guided by spiders into the Forbidden Forest, where they will get to meet magical beasts and battle with a team of Death Eaters with the help of an official Wand Choreographer.

The tour will conclude with a creepy exploration of Diagon Alley after dark, where you will celebrate your survival with a refreshing glass of butterbeer … that is, if you make it through, of course.

If spending Halloween at Hogwarts sounds like a dream come true, tickets are available to purchase now. The tours will be held October 25 to 27 at 7:30 pm, and are open to those aged 18 and over.