Abracadabra and Death

Over on Neatorama, Miss C. reminds us about Houdini’s greatest trick.


This Isn’t Kid Stuff

Honestly, who thought these toys were a good idea? Was it you, Erwin Mainway?


International Trading

Trader Joe’s doesn’t exist in Canada, so this guy smuggles Joe into the Great White North.


Why Did The Beatles Cross the Road?

Outtakes from the Abbey Road cover photo shoot are going on sale. Grab your checkbook.


Warwick’s Return

The Star Wars and Willow star will be back in for Episode VII.


His Future’s So Bright

Bono has finally explained why he always wears sunglasses.


Before They Remake Ghostbusters

You’ve likely heard by now that they’re going to remake Ghostbusters with a female cast. Before they do that, we should all demand answers to these questions about GB2.