Somebody Made a Comic Sans Typewriter


The Internet's most reviled typeface has gone analog. As part of his "ongoing thesis of questioning how we create, consume, store (and fetishize) media," designer Jesse England took Comic Sans and incorporated it into a Brother Charger 11 typewriter from the '70s. He's calling his creation "The Sincerity Machine"; you can see it in action below:

England writes that he decided to make the Comic Sans typewriter "after viewing a document with a typewriter font present in it; I realized there was nothing stopping me from altering a typewriter to write in a different font." Using a laser engraving machine, he created the Comic Sans letters out of acrylic and glued them to the strikers of the typewriter. He completed the transformation by making new key covers using a vinyl cutter.

"While making it, I thought a lot about the Comic Sans typeface and how ridiculed it is," he says in the demonstration video. "But it is also a mark of sincerity for those who do not have graphic design experience. I’m not particularly enamored with this font, but I don’t think it deserves the flak it gets.”

Check out a few more photos of the Sincerity Machine below.