Get Ready for Windows 95 (With Friends)

Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images
Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images / Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images

In September 1994, Friends premiered. In August of the following year, Windows 95 was released. To help computer users adjust to this amazing new era of comedy and technology, Microsoft brought in Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry to explain how Windows 95 worked. The result is this deliciously dated VHS tape that veers between awkward skits and clunky how-to explanations. The editors also throw in Seinfeld-style bass licks in the background, usually to enhance a Matthew Perry punchline. Oh, and watch out for "Joystick Johnny."

Sample line: "So this is Bill Gates's computer?! I mean, that is like using Wayne Gretzky's hockey stick, you know?" Oh, to be young again, when we could send faxes to order dinner (this happens around 14 minutes in) and be wowed by changing the resolution of your monitor (around 22 minutes in). Enjoy: