Understanding the "Single Transferable Vote"

YouTube / CGP Grey
YouTube / CGP Grey / YouTube / CGP Grey

In this video, C.G.P. Grey explains the Single Transferable Vote, a system in which voters get to specify a second choice in case their primary choice candidate doesn't win -- which can lead to a much more representative result. This system is used around the world, most notably in Australia. (Indeed, when I first heard about this kind of voting, it was explained to me as an "Australian Ballot.") To keep things safely abstract, Grey uses a fictional animal kingdom as a way to talk about different constituencies.*

If you haven't seen Grey's 2011 video The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained, that's a useful starting point in case you don't get why there's a problem to begin with. Once you're prepared to get nerdy about voting, let's enjoy some monkey business:

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* = VOTE MONKEY 2014 ALL THE WAY (my name is Monkey McChimperson, and I endorse this message).