I'm Thinking of a Number Between 1 and 999

Jason English
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On Fridays, we ask a bunch of unrelated questions. Your answers help get us through the afternoon. Answer one, answer all, or ask your own question. On to this week's topics...

1. We used to run a whole lot of rather silly contests. I miss those! We're going to bring those back. Some will involve creativity and intelligence. Others, not so much. Today, I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 999. First person to guess correctly wins a free mental_floss t-shirt.

2. With Halloween a week away, some of you might be scrambling for a costume idea. What was your best? If you've got a photo of your best, and you'd like that to appear in a big round-up of our readers' best Halloween costumes, email it to website@mentalfloss.com!

3. What is your all-time favorite episode of your all-time favorite TV show?

4. Your turn! Got a question for the group? Ask it here. Have a great weekend!