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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Police Hunt Man in Spotty Onesie

Do you know any adult who wears a polka-dot onesie (footed pajamas) and has a friend with pink-purple leggings? A pair wearing this clothing was captured on CCTV at the Dewsbury train station in West Yorkshire, England. They were recorded taking a computer monitor from the station on October 6th, and are suspected of taking two others on October 5th.

“We are releasing their images in that hope that, despite their faces being covered, someone may recognise their distinctive dress. “We believe they may be able to assist our enquiries into this incident and are investigating whether they are linked to the other two thefts.”

The publicity should also serve as a warning to anyone thinking of attending a Halloween costume party in these getups. It could lead to your arrest.

Man Fights Off Bear with Old Computer

An unidentified man was scavenging in a garbage dump in Siberia for scrap metal he could sell. He did not know that a bear was scavenging in the same dump for food. He found out when the bear charged at him. The man grabbed the first thing he could, which was a discarded computer. He threw it at the bear. The frightened bear then fled. The man injured his hand when throwing the computer, but was not seriously hurt. Russian officials warned that bears are becoming more dangerous as they run into food scarcity.

Stalking Woman Became Stuck in Chimney

A woman had to be rescued after being stuck in a chimney overnight in Thousand Oaks, California. Neighbors heard screams at daybreak and called emergency services, and firefighters were able to extract 30-year-old Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa by 8:13. They had to remove most of the chimney, and also used liquid soap to free Nunez-Figueroa. However, the word “free” doesn’t exactly describe the situation, as Nunez-Figueroa was then arrested on charges of illegal entry. The homeowner confirmed that he had met Nunez-Figueroa online, and that this wasn’t the first time she had tried to enter his home.

Sheep Munch Down on £4,000 in Cannabis

A flock of sheep enjoyed what seemed to be a delicious meal when they found bags of dumped marijuana. Seven bags of cannabis plants were thrown into their field in Merstham, Surrey, UK. When Nellie Budd of Fannie’s Farm found the sheep and the bags, she called police, who sent a drug squad in to investigate. Investigators told Budd that the marijuana was worth about £4,000, although it was not clear how much the sheep had ingested.

"My sheep weren't quite on their backs with legs in the air but they probably had the munchies," she joked.

Blind Darts Team Enters Tournament

Cornwall’s first blind darts team formed just a few weeks ago, and have already participated in their first match -against sighted players. Richard Pryor, Rachael Beresford, Carol Pirret, Sharon Waters and Penny Davies decided to form a team and take part in the tournament after the owner of their favorite pub, Joe Fryer, suggested it. They did not win the match, but raised more money than any other team. Former world darts champ Andy Fordham even agreed to a one-on-one game with Sharon Waters, in which he put on a blindfold, and lost to Waters. The blind darts players connect a string to the bullseye, which they hold while aiming. A good time was had by all.

Woman Spends Entire Week In KFC After Breakup

Twenty-six-year-old Tan Shen of Changdu province, China, was upset that her boyfriend had dumped her, so she went to KFC to get some chicken wings. She didn’t want to go home, because her apartment had too many memories for her. So she stayed at the restaurant -for an entire week. Tan said she needed more time to think -and more chicken wings. At the end of a week (and a lot of chicken wings), Tan said she was tired of chicken, although it’s more likely she was wary of all the media attention she had drawn by then. Tan left the KFC outlet and went to stay with her parents.