Cookie Monster Makes a Pretty Convincing Harry Potter

Abbey Stone
YouTube / YouTube

Sesame Street has teamed up with Harry Potter for the mashup you never knew you wanted. In a segment called “Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies,” a bespectacled, wand-wielding, broom-riding Cookie Monster goes in search of the elusive Goblet of Cookies. And, not unlike Harry before him, Cookie-Monster-as-Furry-Potter must complete a number of tasks in order to achieve his goal.

But Furry Potter, it must be noted, gets a much sweeter deal than his literary counterpart. While Harry was forced to contend with angry dragons, man-hunting mermaids, and treacherous labyrinths on his quest to reach the Goblet of Fire, Furry Potter must simply listen closely to Professor Crumblemore’s instructions. If he can hear them over his rumbling tummy, that is.

Once again, Sesame Street has proven that it’s possible to entertain tots and their parents at the same time.