10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Wedding Party

Here's a list of 10 thoughtful and quirky gifts for your groomsmen and bridal party.
Here's a list of 10 thoughtful and quirky gifts for your groomsmen and bridal party. / Rekonect/Amazon
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When buying a gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen for your wedding, it's important to show that you appreciate all their hard work. And one way to do that is to get them a creative gift with a personal touch. You know your wedding party better than we do, but if you’re struggling to come up with something, here are some fun options ranging personalized socks to Pokemon bath bombs.

1. Custom Face Socks; $24


Every time your bridesmaids or groomsmen pull out this pair of socks, they’ll remember your special day. Just select a picture you know they'll love, send it to DivvyUp (through Amazon), and they can enjoy these comfy socks adorned with fun memories. You could also put a picture of a cat or dog on the socks, just in case a member of the wedding party would be horrified by their own mug decorating their feet. As an added bonus, they're available in every color of the rainbow.

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2. Carry-On Cocktail Kits; $24


Is anyone in your wedding party flying out to the venue? Make their trip more enjoyable by giving them the gift of mid-air booze. Choose from Old Fashioned, Margarita, Moscow Mule, or Gin and Tonic kits that include almost all the ingredients you need to mix up a refreshing drink on the flight. All your friend needs to do is order the alcohol on the plane to complete the cocktail.

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3. Pokémon Bath Bombs; $17

The Island Bath & Body/Amazon

“Gotta drop ‘em all!” Fill your tub with hot water, throw in a Pokeball-shaped bath bomb, and let the relaxation commence. According to the company, these bath bombs can help relieve muscle and joint pain, so they're perfect for helping your wedding party unwind after a night of running around—or dancing in heels. Each bomb unleashes amazing scents while simultaneously bubbling up your water and filling it with fun colors. Oh, and did we mention that the wondrous spheres contain hidden Pokémon toys?

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4. Magnetic Notebook; $33


Give your groomsmen and bridal party the gift of easy organization with this magnetic notebook that allows you to remove pages along the margin without any tearing and place them back in anywhere you'd like. And as an added bonus, when you run out of paper, rather than buying a whole new notebook, you can just purchase additional sheets ($10).

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5. Customizable Flasks; $18–$65

United Craft Supplies/Amazon

With one of these, your best man or maid of honor will be toasting your wedding long after the party wraps. Tastefully engraved with the recipient’s initials, the durable, pocket-sized flasks come in packs of three and six—or if you prefer, you can order a single one.

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6. Green Herbal Tea Kit; $40


After your big day goes off without a hitch, your wedding party will definitely want to relax. And what better way to unwind than with a hot cup of tea? Each kit makes about 18 pots of tea, and there are 10 disposable teabags included. Inside the beautifully packaged box, you'll find three varieties of green tea from Japan, India, and Sri Lanka.

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7. Converse Wedding Sneakers; Various


For anyone who has dreams of a wedding party full of Chuck Taylors, Converse has a line of fully customizable wedding sneakers poised to match almost any dress/tux combo. Available in high-top and low-top, these sneakers sport that classic Chuck look, but with color accents, optional design choices, and custom text for the theme you're going for (you can even make them glittered if that's your thing). You can personalize your wedding to your own style, whether your party wears them during the ceremony, or you just buy them for everyone as a gift.

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8. Fujimax Instax Instant Camera; $165


Leave the smartphones at home. A throwback to a classic film camera, the Fujimax Instax Mini is a cinch to use and prints pictures in just a few minutes. When the pictures are ready, they can be used as creative decorations around the house or office.

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9. Cold Brew Maker and Carafe; $40


Give your wedding party the gift of fresh cold brew without the café prices. All you need to do is add coarsely ground coffee beans to the filter, pour water into the brewing chamber (2 tablespoons of ground beans for every cup of water), and let it all steep for 12–18 hours. When you're ready, just press the front button to instantly fill the insulated carafe below with fresh cold brew. You can also check out this on-the-go espresso maker ($79).

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10. Interactive AR Moon Phase Mug; $30


Stay updated on what phase the moon is in as you sip your morning cup of coffee or tea. Your wedding party can simply scan the QR code at the bottom of the mug and an image of the moon in its current phase will appear on your phone. If you need to step away from your beverage for a minute, simply cover it with the included lid to keep what you're drinking nice and hot.

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