The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Thieves Apologize for Flooding Pub

The Scotch Piper Inn in Lydiate, England, has been in business since 1320. The pub was the victim of burglars who were recorded on CCTV early Friday morning. They broke windows to gain entrance, then went downstairs and ripped the boiler off the wall to get to the safe, causing water to flood the entire downstairs. The gang took the safe and a rifle with them, but before they left, one of them scrawled a note of apology on a counter with a permanent marker. They didn’t apologize for the break in or the theft, but for the flood. The note reads, “Sorry tried to turn water off. Could not find it. Hope you fix pub.”

Proposal Fireworks Set Campus Ablaze

Dim Xiong Chien is a student at the Liaoning Advertisement Vocational College in Shenyang, China. He hatched a plot for a big public proposal to his girlfriend Cong Yen, which included a fireworks display. Even though Cong Yen didn’t show up as planned, Dim detonated the fireworks. Which caused the grass to catch fire. Which caused the fire department to be called, to come extinguish the 10-foot-tall flames. Which caused damage to the campus. The school is in the process of determining how to punish Dim. And the girlfriend? She got a less-public proposal later.

“Of course, I love him,” Yen told local reporters. “But my parents have told me to steer clear, saying he can’t even ask me to marry him without causing a massive hoo-ha.”

Why Burglars Should Always Flush

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have arrested a suspect in a September burglary. The homeowners were on vacation when over $250,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from the home. However, an investigation revealed the intruder had drunk a Coke and left the can behind, with a DNA sample. He had also relieved himself in the home’s toilet and did not flush, leaving a second DNA sample. The DNA was matched to Ramon Herrera. Herrera was arrested, and has pleaded not guilty to burglary and larceny.

Pack Rat Hid Stash Under Car Hood

Claudia Kucharek of Wichita, Kansas, was baffled over what happened to her box of Milkbone dog biscuits -the new box was empty! She suspected an animal, but she didn’t find any trail. The next day, her husband noticed a funny noise coming from his car, and opened the hood. There was a large rat, along with 140 dog biscuits sitting on the car engine! He had obviously decided to stock up for the winter. It took Kucharek’s husband an hour to clean all the dog biscuit from his engine, and they later trapped the rat. Now Kucharek keeps her dog biscuits in a plastic bin with a locking lid.

College Soccer Player Not Bad at Basketball

Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, offered $10,000 in tuition for performing an amazing basketball stunt: sink a layup, free throw, three-pointer, and a half-court shot, all within 30 seconds. Gustavo Angel Tamayo, a Lions soccer player, won the opportunity to try it. Tamayo grew up in England, and never played on a basketball team. He rushed through all four shots, ending with a Hail Mary toss from half court -and the crowd went wild!

"It's just football [soccer], that's all I do," he said. "And I had a broken finger on my left hand." The school used two video cameras to ensure that Tamayo shot from behind the line and within the time limit.

Tamayo is a senior and his tuition is already paid, so he will take the prize money in cash. See the stunt from two different angles.

House For Sale Comes with Embedded Pipe Organ

Bill Tufts always wanted a pipe organ and had one installed in his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tufts recently passed away, and the home is for sale, with the organ and its 2300 pipes. The pipes, some two stories tall, take up a third of the home’s interior. The three-keyboard organ is in the kitchen, and the blower is in the basement. Don Haan of Haan Pipe Organ, who originally installed the organ, said the same job today would cost over a million dollars. Strangely, Bill Tufts never learned to play the organ. The house is on the market for $129,000.