See If You Can Survive Dunder Mifflin With The Office Board Game

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In the real world, the word downsizing can strike terror into even the most efficient employees. But for fans of NBC's The Office, it can mean a game night with friends!

Both Target and Walmart are now selling a Dunder Mifflin-themed game called Downsizing. The board game gives you the opportunity to put your best Michael Scott impression to the test (wearing a woman's suit and peppering your conversation with a lot of "that's what she said"s can only help) as you take over the paper company and attempt to survive the shenanigans of the TV show’s most beloved characters.

For just $14.99, you and five to 10 of your fellow Scranton aficionados can choose your favorite employee, whether it's Dwight Schrute or Kelly Kapoor, and compete to make it through the workweek—not to mention the dreaded downsizing.

The game comes with all The Office supplies you could need to be the Scranton branch's top dog, including a Dundie award, a dry erase calendar, employee ID cards, daily emails from Toby in HR, and, of course, incident review cards.

Though some Dunder Mifflin employees are famous for their reckless behavior, try not to get too carried away—you might just get the ax come Friday at 5 p.m.

You can buy Downsizing now at both Target and Walmart.

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