This Massive LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer Is Nearly 4 Feet Long


This year marks the 20th anniversary of LEGO holding the Star Wars license, and it seems like the company is planning to close it out with a bang. Fans of the space saga's various ships being depicted in brick form will soon be able to obtain an Ultimate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer, a massive 4784-piece kit that measures 43 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 17 inches tall when fully assembled.


Even casual fans will recognize the Devastator as the ship that was in hot pursuit of the Tantive IV during the opening sequence of 1977’s Star Wars. To better reinforce the scale, LEGO is including the smaller Rebel ship with the set, as well as two Imperial officers and a plaque that provides information about the formidable vessel.

This isn’t LEGO’s first Star Destroyer. A 2002 model had 3106 pieces and was sizable in its own right, but the newest edition beats it by nearly a foot in length.

You can keep track of the Star Destroyer on the LEGO website. It’s set to go on sale October 1 for $699.99, though LEGO VIP members can grab it as early as September 18.

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