There’s no such thing as too much coffee. Ahead of International Coffee Day on September 29, here are the java products we’re stocking up on.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System; $230


It’s no secret that we love this coffee maker: It makes both hot and cold brewed coffee and tea, and it’s equipped with a frother, so you can make lattes and cappuccinos. It’s basically like having a barista in your kitchen.

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Coffee Lip Balm; $15.50


This lip balm is perfect for those times when you want the taste of coffee without the caffeine. This set of three also has chai spice and green tea flavors.

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Vietnamese Coffee Portable Pour-Overs; $15

Uncommon Goods

Vietnamese coffee and sweetened condensed milk combine to create pure deliciousness—and now, you can make it easily with this kit created by Debbie Wei Mullin. Simply put the paper pouch in your mug and pour hot water over it three to five times; next, add condensed milk … and enjoy. If Vietnamese coffee isn’t your thing, try a lavender latte kit instead.

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Espresso Candle; $30

Wax & Wick/Amazon

These wood-wicked soy candles throw off a subtle espresso scent for up to 60 hours.

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Coffee Maple Syrup; $14

Uncommon Goods

Coffee and maple syrup are delicious separately—and even more delicious combined. Take your brunch to the next level with this sweet treat, which is handmade in Brooklyn.

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Reusable K-Cups; $11


K-cups are clogging up landfills, and they’re pretty pricey. Once you’ve reused all your disposal K-cups, consider purchasing these reusable ones. The environment (and your wallet) will thank you.

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Reusable Coffee Cup Covers; $12

Uncommon Goods

While you’re cutting down on your coffee-related waste, forgo the plastic coffee lid and buy one of these silicone tops, which come in pink, teal, and charcoal.

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker; $80

Uncommon Goods

If cold brew is the only kind of coffee for you—it’s less acidic and bitter than coffee made with hot water—this slow-drip brewer might be the only coffee device you need: It can make up to 20 ounces in four hours and the coffee will last up to two weeks.

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Purlisse Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub; $15


Get that perfect spa experience and a coffee fix in your very own bathroom with this coffee scrub, which is made with real coffee beans and coconut butter to gently exfoliate and moisturize. Consider pairing the scrub with the body butter for that one-two coffee punch.

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Coffee Beans for a Better World; $20

Uncommon Goods

Get your coffee fix while supporting a good cause. Buying these 100 percent Kenyan coffee beans—which, according to the description, have “rich burgundy undertones and citrus notes”—support female artisans and schoolkids in Kisii. Plus, each 1-pound bag comes with a handmade piece of art on dried banana tree bark.

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Scratch and Sniff Coffee Bean Stickers; $6

Mello Smello/Amazon

Get that freshly brewed cup of joe smell anytime, anywhere with these cute coffee-scented stickers.

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Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container; $26

Coffee Gator/Amazon

The special valves on these canisters keep coffee beans fresh by releasing the CO2 generated by the beans while simultaneously locking out oxygen. The large-size can hold 1.1 pounds of whole beans and a pound of grounds. On the lid is a calendar wheel so you can set the purchase or expiration date—the better to reduce waste—and it comes with a measuring spoon.

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OXO Coffee Grinder; $100


The conical burrs on this grinder ensure a uniform grind—plus, it has 15 settings so you can get the grind that suits your preferences. One ex-barista reviewer says that it creates a “high quality, consistent grind” and that “the ability to clean the grinder is taken into account in the construction. No need to delicately deconstruct the whole thing and keep track of a bunch of itty bitty screws and springs. The top part of the grinder and the top burr simply turn-and-lift out, and then turn-and-lock back into place. So nice.”

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Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker; $20

Made by Design/Target

It’s not a Chemex, but this 6-cup pour-over coffee maker from Target’s Made by Design is highly rated—and it’s roughly half the price. Its hourglass shape and grip make it easy to hold, and it comes with a metal mesh filter, paper filters, and a scoop. As one reviewer notes, “The instructions make a fairly strong coffee so be forewarned. It does require more time, patience, and care. Hand washing, etc. Sometimes, it's worth it.”

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Cold Brew Face Mask; $3-$12

The Creme Shop

Give your skin a little caffeine boost with this sheet mask, which is infused with coffee extract. A single mask will run $3, but you can get a pack of four, and get one free, for $12.

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Carafe; $40

Uncommon Goods

This device doesn’t just make your cold brew—it’s also a carafe that keeps your coffee cold for a solid day. Once the coffee is brewed—which requires 12 to 14 hours—you simply press the button, which fills the carafe; add milk or sugar if you’d like, then pop on the leak-proof lid and hit the road.

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Literary Mugs; $16

Uncommon Goods

You’ve got all this delicious coffee—now, you need something to drink it from. These literary mugs—featuring the likenesses of the Brontë sisters, Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, and Lewis Carroll—are microwave- and dishwasher-safe and cute to boot.

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