What the Jeopardy! Post-Game Chat Sounds Like

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Play Jeopardy
YouTube / Play Jeopardy / YouTube / Play Jeopardy

While the Jeopardy! credits roll, we see the three players chatting with Alex Trebek. But what are they saying? It always looks awkward, with occasional laughs and shrugs, but I've never actually heard what's being said -- until now.

Here we have video of the post-game chat from Tuesday's Tournament of Champions game, with the conversation intact. Incidentally, this is the game that Arthur Chu won. We interviewed him during his excellent performance this February. He later became a fellow writer for mental_floss! Great job, Arthur! Okay, now listen:

And here's the chat from the following day:

I guess now I know why they mute it. If you'd like a more substantive conversation with Alex Trebek, I highly recommend Trebek's chat with Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist Podcast. It's really the only time I've heard Trebek have a long conversation, and he has plenty to say (especially, oddly enough, on the topic of home repair).

(Via Jim Ellwanger on Twitter.)