The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania
Eva Klevska, National Geographic - Slovenia
Eva Klevska, National Geographic - Slovenia / Eva Klevska, National Geographic - Slovenia

Unicorn Shot in Slovenia

You’d be forgiven if you thought this was a unicorn. And indeed, a deer shot near Celje, Slovenia, in August had only one horn, er, antler. Boštjan Pokorny examined the remains and said he’s never seen anything like it.

"In this species, only males grow antlers, which are bilateral and usually symmetrical bone structures that appear from two antler pedicles, i.e. extensions of the skull," Pokorny, assistant director of the ecological research institute ERICo Velenje, said in an email. "However, in the case of this very untypical and interesting buck, both pedicles, which should be separated, grew up together in one large pedicle."

That could have been caused by an injury to the deer while the antlers were just beginning to develop. Could an animal like this have been the origin of the unicorn legend? Read more about it at National Geographic News.

Boy Found Living in IKEA Store

A 12-year-old boy in Shanghai ran away from home and was found six days later at the neighborhood IKEA store. Peng Yijian took off from home after an argument with his mother over schoolwork. Police looked for him, and searched security video from various parts of the city. Peng had been to several locations where he survived on supermarket samples before deciding that IKEA was his best bet. Police found him on IKEA’s surveillance video, and searched the store for 40 minutes before finding him near an escalator. Peng was taken to a hospital suffering from malnutrition.

Man Buys House, Finds Corpse Inside

William Wilson bought a house in Cape Coral, Florida, at a tax auction. When he took possession, he went in to find a mummified corpse in the master bedroom! He’s pretty sure it’s the previous owner, Carmen Garcia-Viso. Garcia-Viso had not been seen in several years, and neighbors could not check on her because of bars on the doors and windows, which are not unusual in the Florida town. Several years of unpaid taxes led to the sale of the house, and the city has mowed the lawn a few times after complaints. Police checked the vacant home twice in 2013, but did not enter the residence. The realtor handing the tax sale says he does not know why the property wasn’t thoroughly inspected. The body is estimated to have been dead for three or four years.

Learn to Drive Before You Lead a Car Chase

The normal procedure for getting a driver’s license is to first get a learner’s permit, then drive with a licensed driver in the car. After you’ve completed requirements, you go take the road test. A teenager in Jonesboro, Arkansas, apparently didn’t know the normal procedures. He showed up at the Arkansas State Police post to take his test, but an examiner flagged him for arriving alone without a license. He jumped into his car and fled, but not before crashing into a state police cruiser. He then led police on a chase, which ended when he crashed into a house. No one was injured, but the damage was over $26,000. Police arrested the unnamed 19-year-old on charges of felony fleeing.

MRI Mishap Injures Two Men

There’s a reason that metal objects are not allowed in the room where an MRI operates. After all, the “M” stands for “magnetic.” This video from four years ago shows exactly what damage a metal oxygen tank can do in an MRI. On Saturday, an oxygen tank pancaked two men into an MRI at Tata Memorial Hospital in Khargar, India.

During the process of carrying out the scan, the attending doctor asked Jadhav to fetch an oxygen mask. Jadhav, who had never worked in the MRI room and had no idea that no metal is allowed anywhere near the machine, thought he was asked to bring in an oxygen cylinder. As soon as he entered the room with the cylinder, the machine pulled him with such brute force that he flew towards the machine with the cylinder still in his left arm and carried Ramaiah with him. Before anybody in the room knew what was happening, Jadhav and Ramiah were stuck to the machine. And they remained glued to it four hours. While the machine can be switched off, deactivating its magnetic field is a complex process. Both Jadhav and Ramiah lost consciousness after a couple of hours of fruitless attempts to wrench them out.

Orderly Sunil Jadhav, age 28, suffered a fractured elbow. Technician Swami Ramaiah, age 35, was pushed into the MRI by the tank and Jadhav. He suffered multiple injuries, and is hospitalized with a punctured bladder, kidney damage, internal bleeding, and nerve damage to his legs.

Door Falls Off Bono’s Plane

Bono, frontman for the band U2, was flying with four friends in a private plane from Dublin to Berlin on Wednesday when a near-disaster struck. The rear door of the aircraft fell off, and luggage tumbled out somewhere over Germany. The plane then landed safely in Berlin after the two-hour flight. The door and the luggage fell from an altitude of around 8,000 feet, and have not yet been recovered. The real shocker from this story is that you can fly from Dublin to Berlin in two hours.