Talking Math at Pixar

YouTube / Numberphile
YouTube / Numberphile / YouTube / Numberphile

In this video, Brady Haran of Numberphile visits Pixar to find out how they use math to make animated movies. This is actually a pretty deep dive on the math; we've seen Tony DeRose do this kind of thing before, but he rarely has time (and a math-literate interviewer) to get into the details. If you're interested in math and Pixar, this is delicious. I just want to be clear, this is very heavy on math, so if you're looking for cool animations, you will be disappointed! Math nerds, enjoy:

If Tony DeRose's name sounds familiar, perhaps it's from this post I wrote in March featuring a bunch of lectures he has given on...wait for it...math and Pixar!

Also, check out the YouTube page for this video; it has links to various papers by DeRose, Ed Catmull, and the somewhat retro-designed Pixar Research home page. (Note: I used Pixar's Renderman software for an independent study class in the mid-1990s...that site looks familiar!)

(Via Hello Internet, a very fun podcast. Check out Brady's Pixar "stranger" badge!)