Internet Power! is one of many 90s-tastic videos about the Internet that Andy Baio has digitized from their VHS originals. In 2008, Baio wrote a detailed review of Internet Power!, annotating important moments and goofy moments alike. For instance, here are some quotes from Baio's annotated review:

Shopping (13:20)

  • "The Internet has thousands of sites for shopping and many of them are grouped together in large Internet Malls... Let's try a different search engine this time. We'll use another popular one called Webcrawler."
  • "Let's choose one... The Mega Internet Shopping List sounds promising!"

There are lots of gems in this, ranging from a genuine time capsule of the 1995 Web (a fairly rare thing, actually!) to the over-explanation of computer basics -- which was, let's face it, completely necessary at the time. My favorite is the simple instruction: "You'll need a device to access the online world. That device is a computer." Thank you, VHS tape from 1995! Okay, enjoy:

I hope you caught the bit at 4:40 in which the narrator mis-spoke, citing the release date of the Mosaic Web browser as 1933.

(Via Andy Baio on Twitter.)