A Tour of the Internet in 1995: Internet Power!

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Andy Baio
YouTube / Andy Baio / YouTube / Andy Baio

Internet Power! is one of many 90s-tastic videos about the Internet that Andy Baio has digitized from their VHS originals. In 2008, Baio wrote a detailed review of Internet Power!, annotating important moments and goofy moments alike. For instance, here are some quotes from Baio's annotated review:

Shopping (13:20) "The Internet has thousands of sites for shopping and many of them are grouped together in large Internet Malls... Let's try a different search engine this time. We'll use another popular one called Webcrawler." "Let's choose one... The Mega Internet Shopping List sounds promising!"

There are lots of gems in this, ranging from a genuine time capsule of the 1995 Web (a fairly rare thing, actually!) to the over-explanation of computer basics -- which was, let's face it, completely necessary at the time. My favorite is the simple instruction: "You'll need a device to access the online world. That device is a computer." Thank you, VHS tape from 1995! Okay, enjoy:

I hope you caught the bit at 4:40 in which the narrator mis-spoke, citing the release date of the Mosaic Web browser as 1933.

(Via Andy Baio on Twitter.)