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Japanese KitKat Bars Now Come Wrapped in Origami Paper

Jake Rossen
Nestlé Japan
Nestlé Japan / Nestlé Japan

One way to raise awareness of environmentally conscious packaging is to make it fun. Nestlé Japan is on board with that premise, recently announcing that its line of KitKat candy bars (original, dark chocolate, and matcha) will come wrapped in origami paper.

Nestlé Japan

The miniature version of the bars will come individually wrapped in matte stock paper instead of shiny plastic, making it possible to fold the wrappers into different shapes. The wrappers will come printed with instructions for folding them into an origami crane, which symbolizes hope and healing.

The switch could have a dramatic effect on plastic waste production, as Japanese consumers buy roughly 4 million KitKat Mini bars daily. The company expects to save 380 tons of plastic each year with the change.

Nestlé has committed to switching all of its products to 100 percent recyclable packaging by 2025. Paper wrappers on normal-sized KitKat multipacks will debut next year, and additional KitKat products will be joining the effort in the coming years.

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