11 Innovative Gifts for the DIY Master


It can be hard to know what to buy your DIY-enthusiast friends since they’re so clever about making the things they need. This holiday, get them something that will make their next project even better.

1. HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile, 100-Lumen; $299.99 

You never know when (or where) your crafty friend might start a new project. Projectors are great for displaying large images that can then be traced or used as a reference. They are especially helpful when painting a mural, but sometimes there isn’t room for a big, clunky projector. This portable version from Brookstone is perfect for every location.

Find it: Amazon

2. littleBits Base Kit; $99

littleBits are a great way to learn and experiment with creating your own pieces of technology. Tiny modules snap together with magnets to help fledgling inventors make their ideas a reality. There is no soldering, wiring, or programming needed, so it’s perfect for all ages. A base kit comes with all you need to start making your own electronics.

Find it: littleBits

3. Makerbot Replicator Mini; $1,375

With 3D printing, the possibilities are endless. You can print out all the gears and parts you need for any project, and there’s a wide variety of materials and colors to print with, opening up a whole world of possibilities for makers with big imaginations.

Find it: MakerBot

4. Artisanal Cheesemaking Kit; $114.95

This kit provides everything you need to make your own cheeses at home—just add milk! The box comes with all the necessary equipment and ingredients to make cheese that tastes just as good (or even better) than what you could buy at the gourmet cheese shop.

Find it: Uncommon Goods

5. Cider Making Kit; $140

What could go better with homemade cheese than homemade cider? This kit provides everything you need to create a delightfully crisp beverage for colder weather. It even comes with step-by-step instructions that make brewing cider a piece of (apple) cake.

Find it: Uncommon Goods

6. Hang it Perfect; 22.98

Hang It Perfect is a hanging kit that makes it quick and easy to hang up your creations. This invention takes all the guesswork out of hanging and promises perfectly straight frames every time.

Find it: Home Depot 

7. Pocket DJ Mixer; $100

Compatible with any music player with a headphone jack, this item is perfect for anyone who wants to mix beats on the go. The pocket DJ mixer is a shrunken-down version of a traditional mixing board that you can bring anywhere, and its simple design is great for beginner DJs.

Find it: Uncommon Goods

8. sugru; $22

sugru is a self-setting, moldable silicone material that sticks to any surface. It does not conduct electricity and it’s machine washable, making it an incredibly flexible and useful product. The gooey substance allows creators to modify and improve everyday objects. It fixes frayed wires, improves uncomfortable shoes, and works like a putty to create brand new objects.

Find it: sugru 

9. The Dell Venue 8 7000 Series Android™ Tablet; Coming Soon

The Dell Venue 8 7000 Series Android™ Tablet features Intel® RealSense™ snapshot, which will revolutionize how your DIY-obsessed friend takes and manipulates photos.[LK1]  The Intel® RealSense™ snapshot camera takes photos with depth information, which allows you to refocus your photos after they’ve been taken, turn your photos into moving images, and—maybe most importantly for your crafty friends—measure items and distances in the photo. 

Find it: Check out dell.com for release info 

10. Graphtec 12" Cameo Plotter; $299.99 

This vinyl plotter is a great professional way to cut out shapes from all sorts of material. Perfect for screen-printing, it can be used to cut decals, lettering, and stencils.

Find it: Silk Screening Supplies

11. Paper Watch; $12 

Despite the name, this digital watch is made from Tyvek, a tough paper-like material. It comes completely white so you can decorate it yourself, and the watch is perfect for customizing—use glitter, pens, paint, or anything you want. You can even write notes on it before giving it to friends and family.

Find it: Suck UK 

Whatever you’re trying to make, Intel® RealSense™ technology is poised to make the project easier. With depth cameras that can scan 3D objects, the ability to focus photos after they’ve been shot, and a camera that takes measurements, the way you use technology is about to change forever. Learn more here: intel.com