This Modular Travel Pillow Lets You Arrange Cushions for Customized Comfort

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Anyone who travels—whether by plane, train, or bus—knows just how difficult it can be to get into a comfortable position to fall asleep. For some, it’s hard enough to get a little shut-eye while sitting upright, and the difficulty only gets compounded when you add a bulky travel pillow to the mix.

The modular CORI travel pillow looks to customize your comfort by providing sleepy commuters with options beyond the U-shaped design of conventional pillows. The CORI comes with a strap and two attachable memory foam cushions: one large and one small. From there, you can arrange and rearrange the cushions on the strap however you’d like until you find the perfect comfort configuration for your body.


The basic design allows for neck support from the side, back, and front, but you can further tweak how high the cushions go up and where they’re concentrated. While the company does offer suggested arrangements for the cushions, the exact positioning is ultimately up to each individual user. And when you’re done, the CORI, which is available in a range of colors, can be rolled up and put back in your bag or an overhead compartment.

The CORI began life as a Kickstarter campaign, where it raised over $110,000 with an original goal of $10,000. You can buy a CORI on Amazon now for $34.

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