11 Tech Innovations That Make Hosting a Holiday Party a Breeze

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Throwing a giant holiday shindig doesn’t have to be stressful. Harness the power of smart technology and you’ll be able to give your guests your full attention.

1. Belkin WeMo Switch; $39.98

This handy gadget lets you control your electronics with your tablet or phone. Plug the device into an outlet and then plug your desired electronic device into the WeMo switch. You can now turn that appliance on and off remotely from your smartphone or tablet. With full control over your gadgets and mood lighting, you have one less thing to worry about when entertaining guests.

Find it: Verizon

2. Jambox; $299

Jambox is a two-speaker stereo that can play your music without any cords or ports. By simply downloading an app, you can control the product from your phone. It will definitely come in handy while DJing your next get-together.

Find it: Jawbone

3. Box Wine Dispenser; $100

This “wine bar” makes the best use of your finest boxed wine by keeping it fresh longer and using every drop in the bag. Its slick design and convenient set-up makes it a must-have for any party.

Find it: Uncommon Goods

4. Sony Party-Shot Personal Photographer; $49.95

This camera holder is like your own personal photographer. Just slip your Sony TX1 or WX1 digital camera in and it moves to follow your guests. It’ll snap photos all night so you won’t have to.

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5. Karaoke Pro; $99.99

Karaoke Pro is a portable karaoke system that syncs up with your smartphone or tablet. The all-in-one system comes with a speaker, amplifier, audio inputs, and a wireless microphone. Just download the Karaoke Cloud app and you’ll have access to thousands of songs for hours of singing.

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6. Towlhub; $49.99

When you’re in the kitchen all day cooking for your guests, you’re going to want your cell phone and other electronics close by. The Towlhub doubles as a paper towel rack and a USB charging hub, so you can keep your phone charged and your tabletops dry at the same time. The best part? The adorable tiny owl head right on top designed to diligently watch over your electronics.

Find it: Amazon

7. Metrokane Electric Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew with Built-in Foil Cutter; $42.50

Avoid embarrassing wine cork mishaps with this handy gadget. The electric bottle opener does all the work for you, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

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8. iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot; $575

This little robot handles all the cleaning for you, even while the party is still roaring. It comes with a powerful battery and excellent navigation, so you can let it do its thing and enjoy the party.

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9. Waring Single Bottle Wine Chiller; $129.95

If you’re hosting wine connoisseurs, you’ll need to serve the drinks at just the right temperature. This miniature fridge will cool (or warm) your wine to the perfect temperature. It comes with 33 preset temperatures, so your wine will always taste its best.

Find it: Williams-Sonoma

10. WeMo-Enabled Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker; $129.99

When you’re wrapped up in the duties of hosting, sometimes you can forget to actually host. This slow cooker cooks delicious meals over time, allowing you to chat up your guests and join the party. It comes with WeMo, a smartphone app that lets you adjust the cook settings from anywhere. Don’t interrupt a toast to adjust your roast—a simple swipe on your phone is all it takes.

Find-It: Crock-Pot

11. Tibos Electric Crêpe Maker; $149.95

Impress your guests by making them fresh crêpes for dessert. The electric griddle is non-stick and comes with a little groove to help you make the perfect-shaped crêpe every time. When you’re not throwing a crêpe party, the French-made product also doubles as a griddle for breakfast foods.

Find it: Williams-Sonoma

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