11 Innovative Gifts for World Travelers

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Pick up one of these tech-savvy gifts for your favorite jet setter and help them streamline their journey, capture their memories, or relive their experience—leaving them more time to enjoy their next adventure.

1. RHA Headphones; $119.95

These premium stainless steel ear buds provide the benefits of noise isolation without the bulk of big headphones. Keep the noise of your fellow travelers at bay without taking up too much space in your carry-on.

Find it: RHA-Audio.com

2. 4-in-1 Adapter; $25

Remembering to pack the appropriate adapter is never a highlight of traveling to foreign countries. This almost-universal adapter streamlines the process with compatibility in over 150 different countries.

Find it: Flight001.com

3. NomadKey; $29.00

No matter your device of choice—there are Lightning Cable and micro USB options—this key-sized device keeps charging capabilities close at hand for when you’re on the move.

Find it: HelloNomad.com

4. Cyber-Shot Digital Camera; $499.99

If you’re not a professional photographer but want to capture the stunning sights of your next destination, you need something that falls between a DSLR and your phone’s camera. Enter this powerful, pocket-sized digital camera that takes postcard-worthy pictures.

Find it: Amazon.com

5. Powerstation Reserve Micro; $39.95

If you carry extra battery life with you you’ll never be caught without your smartphone—or its mapping capabilities—in an unfamiliar location.

Find it: Mophie.com

6. LUXE City Guides; $11.99 each

When the entire Web is stocked with travel tips, why would you need one more travel guide? Well, because these smart, sassy, and straight-to-the-point booklets cut out the work of having to sort through all the other suggestions by providing only the most discerning ideas.

Find it: LuxeCityGuides.com

7. Cord Suite; $150

You can buy the individual components of this stylish set separately, but the whole black leather kit will keep all of your various cords in order with sophistication, a must for any traveler.

Find it: ThisIsGround.com

8. Kogeto Dot; starting at $39

When you’re somewhere stunning, the Grand Canyon or Milan’s Galleria, you want to remember the beauty of all 360 degrees around you. Smartphones come with panoramic options, but they don’t compare to the Dot. Clip it on your phone and you’re set to capture the world around you.

Find it: Kogeto.com

9. Wallet Solar Charger; $50

Portable cords are great for when you’re exploring a new city, but what if you’re deep in nature without an outlet in sight? This solar-powered phone charger keeps you on the grid, even when you’re out in the wilderness.

Find it: Fab.com

10. SteriPEN Traveler Portable; $49.95

Never worry about water quality in your preferred destination again. This portable, hand-held device purifies 200 half-liter servings of water on just one set of AA lithium batteries.

Find it: SteriPEN.com

11. Goldbely Goods; Price Varies

Relive the culinary highlight from your favorite destination or bring the delicacies to your friends who stayed home with this online service that ships signature dishes from iconic restaurants around the country. Get a Philly cheesesteak in California or some Texas BBQ in New York.

Find it: Goldbely.com

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