11 Innovative Gifts for Gamers

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If the gamer in your life already has all the games they need, then the next best gift is something to help them enjoy those games even more. Here are some gift ideas that will level up their fun.

1. Karma Go; $149.99

With the rise in handheld consoles, the modern gamer is no longer tethered to home. The Karma hotspot makes it even easier to stay connected with this sleek, tiny box that can be slipped into a pocket or purse. With this little square, gamers can keep playing online no matter where they are.

Find it: yourkarma.com

2. Goji Play; $99.99

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be a drag. Goji Play makes running on the treadmill fun by giving you the right kind of motivation to keep going. The program hooks up to your tablet and turns any cardio equipment into an interactive game. How well you do on your treadmill or bike directly affects how you do in the game.

Find it: Amazon

3. Turtle Beach Headphones; $16 - $289

These are for the gamer who likes to play loud video games, but doesn’t want to bother the people around him or her. The noise cancelling headphones come with a microphone, rechargeable batteries, and audio presets to let you customize your sound experience.

Find it: Turtle Beach

4. Power-Up Heart Pint Glasses; $19.99

These delightful pint glasses are perfect for any lover of retro video games. The hearts fill up as you pour cold liquid into them.

Find it: ThinkGeek

5. Classic USB controllers $14.99 - $19.99

Some people like to play video game emulators on their modern computers, but a bit of the magic is lost without the classic controller. These handy USB controllers let gamers experience all the nostalgia of playing the game on the original console.

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6. Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore; $19.99

Lovers of Minecraft can illuminate their space with this Redstone Ore light. Simply tap the cube to turn on and off; the ore can be set to low, medium, and bright.

Find it: ThinkGeek

7. Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System; $24.99 - $99.99

Perfect for long train rides or waiting rooms, this delightful gadget lets gamers relive their childhood favorites on the go. Simply put in your favorite NES/SNES game and play. The gadget can get up to eight hours of game-play per charge, so you can get in plenty of nostalgic gaming.

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8. ROCCAT Apuri - Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee; $39.99

Tidy up any gaming area with this useful USB hub. All those once-unruly wires and cables can be neatly organized with this device. The handy tool provides four USB ports for sufficient power without data loss. The most interesting addition is the mouse bungee, which guides the mouse away from gliding areas to avoid gaming interruptions.

Find it: Walmart

9. The PEREGRINE Wearable Interface; $149.95

This remarkable glove makes playing video games a snap; by simply touching your fingers and joints together, you can control your actions in a computer game or application. It’s perfect for games that involve a lot of keyboard shortcuts and has 30 instantly accessible actions. The garment is made of a lightweight, breathable material so it can be worn for long periods of time without getting uncomfortable.

Find it: Amazon

10. Virtuix Omni; $499

This new invention is taking immersive gaming a step further by transporting the player right into the game. Gamers’ direct actions affect what happens in the game: Instead of passive gameplay, users can run and jump through a virtual world. The Virtuix Omni comes with a small stage to stand on, with a protective ring and harness. With this new development, video games can become a more active and physical experience. The item is currently on pre-order, but you can expect the product by March 2015.

Find it: Virtuix

11. Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard; $99.99

Keyboards are cumbersome things of the past; now you can have your keys projected onto your desktop. This tiny device can work with any flat, opaque surface. You don’t even need a desktop— the world is your keyboard! It’s Bluetooth-enabled and works with almost all your devices, so you can slip it in and out of your pocket as needed. If you’re worried you’ll miss your old keyboard, it even makes satisfying clicking sounds while you type.

Find it: ThinkGeek

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