Complete Your Stranger Things Halloween Look With This Demogorgon Costume

Netflix / Netflix

You can expect to see a lot of Scoops Ahoy costumes on Halloween, following the success of season 3 of Stranger Things. But if looking scary is your goal, it's hard to beat this costume inspired by the Big Bad of season 1. This adult Demogorgon suit, currently available on Amazon, will turn your next Halloween party into a terrifying trip to the Upside Down.

The costume has all the creepy features of the creatures from the hit Netflix show. A petal "mouth" printed with rows of teeth unfolds around a mesh-covered face opening, and a foam chest piece adds dimension to the spandex jumpsuit. Slip on the long-fingered glove accessories and you won't have to worry about having to share the candy bowl with anyone. The costume even comes with shoe covers shaped like gnarled monster feet to complete the look.

Rubie's, Amazon

The Demogorgon suit from Rubie's costs $70 for the standard size and $110 for the extra large. If you plan on terrorizing any Stranger Things-themed Halloween parties this year, you can order the costume from Amazon today and receive it by October 31.

The Demogorgon may not be considered part of the original Stranger Things gang, but it would still make an epic addition to a group costume. Whether you want to team up with Dustin, Eleven, or a Demodog this Halloween, there are plenty of DIY costume options for Stranger Things fans to choose from.

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