Two Hours of Star Wars: Deleted Magic

Chris Higgins
Vimeo / Garrett Gilchrist
Vimeo / Garrett Gilchrist / Vimeo / Garrett Gilchrist

Here's the Star Wars video you've been looking for. In Garrett Gilchrist's Deleted Magic we have two hours of Star Wars bloopers, deleted scenes, table-reads, alternate takes, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and other great stuff.

The video starts with an assemblage of outtakes from the various Star Wars films, then around 10 minutes in it shifts into a blooper-filled/rough-cut recreation of a Star Wars film we (thankfully) didn't see in theaters. With commentary added throughout, we see the power of editing—Star Wars would have been much cornier if it had retained sequences featuring Luke's BFF Biggs Darklighter and clunky stuff like Han Solo's encounter with a (human) Jabba the Hut. Leave work early and watch this:

Keep an eye out for the Wilhelm Scream segment just past the 26 minute mark:

I'm impressed that this managed to include brief clips from that horrible Star Wars Holiday Special.

(Via Sploid.)