The World's 100 Highest Paid Athletes

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If you haven't seen the Forbes list on which this chart was based, then the name attached to the tallest bar might surprise you. The highest paid athlete for the 12 months between June 1, 2013 and June 1, 2014 was not a baller of any kind—not base, basket or foot—but rather boxer Floyd Mayweather, who became just the second athlete after Tiger Woods to earn more than $100 million in Forbes' annual tally, and who did so without any money from endorsements.

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A few other fun facts: With 27 players on the list, baseball is the best-represented sport this year; but the highest ranking baseball player, Cliff Lee, comes in only at number 30. Still, altogether the baseball players out-earn any other sport, with $585,750,000 between them. It's also worth noting that there are only three women who crack the top 100, and all three are tennis players. Adjust the filters above to see what other sort of trends emerge from these highest-rolling sports stars.