Less than 1 Percent of People Get a Perfect Score on This Hidden Shapes Quiz

Hannah McDonald
Damir Khabirov/iStock via Getty Images
Damir Khabirov/iStock via Getty Images / Damir Khabirov/iStock via Getty Images

Think your visual processing skills are a little sharper than the average person’s? A new quiz from Lenstore measures how well you can find the hidden shapes within shapes.

The ability to find hidden shapes is linked to visual processing speed, or the amount of time it takes to make judgments about visual stimuli. Processing speed generally declines with age, so it’s no surprise that young adults scored the highest on Lenstore’s test. After testing 1000 people, Lenstore found that 18- to 24-year-olds got an average of 40 percent correct, while adults between 55 and 64 scored the lowest, with 27 percent correct (interestingly, adults ages 65 and up scored slightly higher, with an average of 28 percent). There’s also a slight difference between men and women—men scored an average of 33 percent, while women got 31 percent correct.

University of Alabama professor Dr. Cynthia Owsley writes that computer-based training exercises like these can increase older adults’ visual processing speed and lead to better overall health and well-being [PDF].

How do you stack up against the rest of the population? Less than 2 percent of people got eight questions right, and less than 1 percent got nine or 10 correct. Test your skills below.

How Many Shapes? by Lenstore IT