The Naughtiest (and Nicest) Names for Boys and Girls

Abbey Stone

When Santa checks his list (both times!) this year, he may notice a few of the same names cropping up again and again.

School Stickers, an organization that creates materials (such as stickers, certificates, and rewards charts) to motivate students, has compiled lists of the names of the nicest and naughtiest students, as determined by those in over 10,000 participating schools who have redeemed rewards in the MyStickers portal in the past year. 

So, who will Santa be good to this year, and who deserves lumps of coal in their stockings?

The Naughty List

Girls: Ella, Bethany, Eleanor, Olivia, Laura, Holly, Courtney, Amber, Caitlin, Jade
Boys: Joseph, Cameron, William, Jake, Joshua, Jamie, Lewis, Benjamin, Ethan, Luke

The Nice List

Girls: Amy, Georgia, Emma, Charlotte, Grace, Sophie, Abigail, Hannah, Emily, Alice
Boys: Jacob, Daniel, Thomas, James, Adam, Harry, Samuel, Jack, Oliver, Ryan 

Come on, Ella and Joseph—why can't you be more like Amy and Jacob? You’re giving your name a bad name.