Animated Robin Williams Interview Outtakes

Hannah Keyser
Blank on Blank, Youtube
Blank on Blank, Youtube / Blank on Blank, Youtube

This new video from Blank on Blank—a PBS Digital production dedicated to "preserv[ing] and re-imagin[ing] the American interview"—brings to life a series of outtakes from interviews Robin Williams did in 1992 with Lawrence Grobel for a Playboy magazine piece (which you can read here).

The video opens with Grobel asking Williams to imagine the year 2020, when he would have been 70 years old, and from there jumps around to cover a range of subjects on comedy and life.

"Do you ever worry about running out of material or ideas?" Grobel asks at one point.

"No, there’s a world out there," Williams replies. "Open a window, and it’s there."