This Video Will Bring Out Your Inner Typophile

Rebecca OConnell

To celebrate the launch of Web FontFonts with OpenType features, Stark Films and FontFont teamed up to bring you this charming video.

Fonts and typefaces are brought alive with ants, machinery, and mice. The phrase "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is commonly used to showcase fonts because it incorporates all the letters of the alphabet; you can see the words displayed in some creatively unconventional ways.  Directed by Rob Blake and Zu Kalinowska, this lovely clip is likely to delight you regardless of your knowledge of typography.

So what's this new launch about? The idea is to make optimizing your font easier than ever. The new features allow you to "spice up your web identity through the magic of ligatures, stylistic alternates, figure sets, fractions, small caps and even swashes (if available in the font). " If that's not exciting, seeing mice running through a maze of letters might do the trick.