LEGO Battle of Hoth

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Kévin Ziolkowski
YouTube / Kévin Ziolkowski / YouTube / Kévin Ziolkowski

In The Empire Strikes Back, the Battle of Hoth was a major defeat for the Rebel Alliance and a great victory for kids like me, who recreated it using stuffed animals, some twine, and a lot of imagination.

Filmmaker Kévin Ziolkowski decided to recreate the battle using LEGO sets, in what's called a "brickfilm." He uses LEGO AT-AT walkers, LEGO Darth Vader, LEGO snowspeeders, and a lot of stop-motion animation to make it work. Target the main generator and enjoy:

To do this on your own, you'll need a LEGO Star Wars Battle of Hoth kit, a couple of LEGO Star Wars AT-AT Walkers...oh wow, this is getting crazy-expensive. Just use a stuffed animal.