Watch Steve Wozniak Set Up an Apple II

YouTube / Bloomberg News
YouTube / Bloomberg News / YouTube / Bloomberg News

Steve Wozniak is the lesser-discussed Steve in the Apple story. But the thing is, Woz is a really sweet guy who likes telling his stories and working on his machines. If you've read his autobiography, you already know about his attention to detail in hand-laying-out the Apple I and II computers, his attitude towards money (not a big priority), and his true passion: engineering.

For those who haven't read books by Woz or seen him speak, here's a terrific five-minute video in which he sets up an Apple IIe and fiddles with it, telling a few stories along the way. Enjoy your daily dose of Woz:

If you want more, here's the whole video of Woz in the "Apple Historical Museum" shown in a few clips above:

(Via Kottke.)