Today's Kids Aren't Into Vintage Power Rangers


Kids today just don't appreciate the classics, as you'll see when you watch the Fine Bros' latest video, in which children diss the first iteration of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Unlike a lot of these videos (which have the kids handling old technology they've never seen before), this time the kids know exactly what they're dealing with—there have been a lot of Power Rangers shows. Still, most of them haven't seen this version before. "It looks like Transformers!" one boy says, while a girl notes that "It looks so cheesy." The kids complain about how the same thing happens in essentially every episode ("Wouldn't you get bored?" one asks), note many times that it's "old," and say that the creators "didn't put as much money and effort into it."

The kids' minds are blown when they find out that Power Rangers is more than 20 years old. When the Fines note that they were "about your age" when Power Rangers came out, jaws literally drop. "I didn't know it was that old!" one girl says.  

They're also pretty surprised when the Fine Bros tell them that lots of the Power Rangers fighting footage comes from the Japanese show Kyouryuu Sentai Jurenja. Some think it's pretty cool, but one girl does cry, "Why would you do that, Power Rangers?!?"