Write on Your Food With This Spice Pen

Hannah Keyser
Balázs Oltvai, Youtube
Balázs Oltvai, Youtube / Balázs Oltvai, Youtube

The latte art game is about to enter a new era. Foam hearts are cute, but what do they really say? Enter CinniBird, a Kickstarter-funded kitchen gadget that lets you literally write on your food—not just lattes but anything—with cinnamon, paprika, cocoa powder or presumably any other fine grained edible that can be streamed through the pen-shaped gizmo.

With nine days to go, the Kickstarter has already garnered more than double its original $5000 goal in pledged money. And if you're looking for a gift for the home cook who has literally everything else, the spice pens are already on sale.

Check out CinniBird in action: