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Christmas Sweater-Clad Sheep Reunited with Family

Erin McCarthy

Residents of Omaha, Nebraska saw something strange wandering their streets over the weekend: A sheep wearing a jolly Christmas sweater. The festively-attired animal was captured by animal control at 13th and Ogden Streets on Sunday and taken to the Nebraska Humane Society. "Here’s something we don’t see every day!" NHS posted on its Facebook page along with a photo of the sheep. "If you’re missing a sheep that enjoys wearing Christmas Sweaters he’s here at NHS."

Thankfully, the sheep—whose name is Gage—has been reunited with his family. Margaret Vazquez, his owner, told NBC Omaha that Gage is an indoor sheep and must have followed one of the family members out of the house and escaped from a fence that's under construction. "I was looking for him, all worried for him," she said. "It's like losing my kid. I was all scared and didn't know what to do." The family has had Gage for five months. "I'm glad he wasn't eaten," Vazquez said. "People eat these things this time of year."