Finally! Ornaments for Your Beard

Rebecca OConnell

Transform any manly statement into a festive delight with Beard Baubles. These tiny little ornaments cling to facial hair and complement even the most gaudy Christmas sweater. For only £7 ($11), you can turn a friend or boyfriend into a walking Christmas tree. 

The product came from Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford of Grey London, a British ad agency. When trying to think of a creative company Christmas card, inspiration struck. After making their quirky holiday idea a reality, they got in touch with Beard Season. The Australian organization was created following the untimely death of a friend named Wes who was afflicted with melanoma. "Because Wes’ melanoma was on his neck, and not many blokes had beards back then," the website explains, "we ditched our shavers to share Wes’ story with everyone who asked about our beards, and encourage them to have a skin check." 

The product was sold out for most of the season, but it looks like they just restocked—so now is the time to grab some beard baubles while you still can!