Get a Stuffed Animal That Looks Just Like Your Kid's Drawing

Hannah Keyser

For a truly one-of-a-kind gift, get your child a stuffed animal made in the likeness of his or her drawing—no matter how fantastical or strangely proportioned it may be.

Each Child's Own "softie," as they're called, is handmade by artist Wendy Tsao, who started the business in 2007 after making a doll based on a self-portrait her 4-year-old son drew, much to his delight. Each one costs $250 plus shipping, and there's a lengthy wait list that only opens up once a year—but if you plan ahead, you could surprise the kid in your life with a manifestation of their own imagination. And if you're on a tight timeline, Tsao highlights a number of similar artists on her site.

All images via Imgur