That's What She Said: The Best Jokes on The Office by the Numbers


The Office, which was first a long-running NBC sitcom and now a perennial Netflix streaming hit, enjoys a loyal fan following thanks to its frequently excruciating scenes of workplace conflict. The staff of paper company Dunder Mifflin's Scranton, Pennsylvania office—led by intellectually impaired Michael Scott (Steve Carell)—often find themselves in a spiral of recurring jokes, including Michael’s tone-deaf expression of “That’s what she said” following virtually any innocuous phrase.

Text marketing service SimpleTexting recently did quite a bit of math to arrive at a definitive count for these mentions. Have a look:


As you can see, Michael’s catchphrase was nonexistent in season 1, came on strong in season 2, and reached peak Michael in season 4. The dearth of mentions in seasons 8 and 9 is owed to Carell's departure from the show.

Naturally, Michael was responsible for most of those mentions:


Next we see how often characters mention their topics of interest:


The site also attempted to determine through dialogue analysis which character was the most positive (David Wallace) and who was most negative (Stanley Hudson). It will not surprise you to learn that Michael spoke twice as many words (146,600) as the second-most talkative character, Dwight Schrute (74,606). You can head over to SimpleTexting to find out more.