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George Strothers
George Strothers / George Strothers

Car Enters Garage Through the Roof

George Strother and his wife, of Escondido, California, thought they felt an earthquake early Wednesday morning. It was only when an Escondido police officer knocked on their door that they found out a car had crashed through the roof of their garage! A BMW had broken through the roof and landed on Strother’s Nissan Pathfinder. His Mazda Miata was also damaged by the falling roof. The driver of the BMW, which was loaned out from a car dealer, didn’t stick around to face the damage. The Strothers' home sits around twenty feet below a roadway, and police estimate that the driver of the BMW took a turnoff too fast. The garage can be repaired, but the two cars may be totaled.

Restaurant Mistletoe Drone Injures Reporter

The restaurant chain TGI Friday’s rolled out its holiday promotion: a remote-controlled drone that carries mistletoe. The “Mobile Mistletoe” drones are directed over the heads of dining couples. Last week, reporters from Brooklyn Daily went to see the drones as they debuted at the Sheepshead Bay location in New York City, and a drone clipped photographer Georgine Benvenuto with one of its blades, injuring her nose.

A spokeswoman for TGI Friday’s insisted that earlier Mobile Mistletoe events in Long Island and Texas incurred no casualties and dismissed concerns about further injuries — even from the much larger, 23-inch drone sporting six uncovered propellers — saying that customers will stay clear of the whirling, five-inch blades.

I would expect that customers will try their best to stay clear.

Chemical Spill Causes Hotel Evacuation During Furry Convention

A chlorine spill forced the evacuation of thousands of people from the O’Hare Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago early Sunday morning. Firetrucks and ambulances responded to the spill, and 19 people were taken to area hospitals. Many at the hotel were in town for the Midwest Fur Fest at the nearby convention center, and were evacuated wearing furry animal costumes. The chlorine fumes were traced to a broken container on the 9th floor. People were allowed back into their rooms at around 3AM. Police say the container was broken intentionally, and are investigating the incident.

Customer Throws Snake at Tim Hortons Employee Over Onions

An incident on December 8th led police in Saskatoon, Saskachewan, to a Tim Hortons outlet. Two male customers had argued with an employee about their breakfast order. The employee refused to dice the onions. So one of the men pulled a snake out of the other man’s pocket and threw it at the employee. The police found a garter snake, which is not venomous. The two men, who fled the store along with the staff as soon as the snake was loose, have not been apprehended. The snake was taken to a shelter for the winter.

Dog Stuck in Pipe for 24 Hours

Melissa Tabor and Judd Doramus of Garden City, Idaho, were riding horses Saturday when their dog, a Jack Russell named Baby Dog, ran off. They searched for her, but it was Sunday before a neighbor found her with her head stuck in a pipe. The family disconnected the pipe section, but could not remove the pipe from the dog’s head.

Melissa brought the pipe and her dog to the WestVet Emergency Hospital on Sunday. Upon arrival, Dr. Andrea Oncken, Board Certified Veterinary Criticalist, determined that while the dog’s condition was stable, she was suffering from dehydration and shock. The ER team anesthetized Baby Dog, hoping that she would relax and enable the crew to gently remove her head from the pipe. When these attempts were unsuccessful, the Boise Fire Department was contacted.

The Boise Fire Department cut through the pipe with a saw, in an operation that took the better part of an hour. The procedure was done outside the clinic, due to sparks from the saw.

This is not the first time that Baby Dog has made the local news. The Kuna Melba News reported in March 2013, that Baby Dog and her housemate “Little Dog” slipped Melissa’s truck into gear while attempting to get some doggie treats from the dashboard. Fortunately the pair of Doggie bandits only caused minimum property damage.

After being freed, Baby Dog stayed at the veterinary clinic for fluids and observation, but is now healthy and home with her family. See a video report here.

Police Christmas Party Raided by Police

The Water Police at the Yarra River near Docklands, Victoria, Australia, boarded a party boat last weekend for a routine inspection and found that the occupants did not have the required liquor permit. It turns out that the boat was already full of cops—the party was a Christmas celebration for a suburban Victoria police department. The exact force was not identified, but the incident was “rather awkward.” That particular boat was one of nine boats inspected that night, and seven were cited for minor infractions.