2014's Top Moments in Play-Doh Form


With the year coming to an end, it's a time for everyone to look back and fondly remember all the cultural highlights. What better way to immortalize 2014 than with Play-Doh? Check out this round-up of prominent cultural events all recreated in the colorful clay.

1. Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Takeover

Jay Leno finally stepped down and let Jimmy Fallon take the reins.

2. Polar Vortex

The cold front that lasted from December 2013 to April of this year kept us all in winter coats and boots way longer than anyone expected.

3. Ice Bucket Challenge

This charitable social media phenomenon raised over $100 million for ALS.

4. 20th Anniversary of Friends

The popular '90s sitcom just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

5. Smart Watch

This new tech innovation proves that we're basically living in a Jetsons episode.

6. Normcore Fashion

This fashion trend focused on average-looking, non-flashy clothing.

7. Selfie

The popular word was introduced into the Merriam-Webster Dictionary this year.

8. The Fault in Our Stars

The smash-hit novel became a smash-hit movie.