Get Nerdily Festive With These Scientist Paper Snowflakes


Anyone can use scissors to turn paper into snowflakes, but if you really want to show your science love, try your hand at making these awesome patterns for Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Erwin Schrödinger (with some cats, naturally). To make these flakes, which were created by Symmetry magazine, all you'll need is a printer, some paper, an X-acto knife, and a cutting board or mat. Once you've printed out the template, fold it according to the instructions and cut out all of the gray areas. Unfold for a delightfully nerdy snowflake. There's even a fun instructional video:

These aren't the only delightfully nerdy paper snowflakes. There are tons of other nerdy pop culture options out there, including these excellent Star Wars snowflakes created by Anthony Herrera (see 2012's set here, and 2013's here); this creepily-festive zombie flake by Buz Carter; the Game of Thrones houses as snowflakes by Krystal Higgins; and these superhero snowflakes. Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day is December 27, so get to planning!