Win a Great Mustache Mug From the Mental_Floss Store

Hannah Keyser
chloe effron
chloe effron / chloe effron

We've decided to start a new tradition here at Mental_Floss where we give you some great swag from our store as a prize for winning silly and sometimes arbitrary contests. And this is the very first one.

First, some logistics: Leave your submission as a comment. Then, we will announce the winner along with the following contest. So if you participate and you're feeling confident, make sure you keep an eye out for our next installment. We will give you an email address to get in touch with to collect your winnings and hopefully everyone will go home happy. Let's get to the first edition!

For today's contest, give us your best fact that can be expressed in three words or less. It has to be a real fact and you can’t steal it from our fact generator (that means no "fish cough"). If you have our favorite fact—and it checks out—you’ll win this Great Mustaches Mug.

Ready, set, comment!