A Gingerbread Architectural Masterpiece

Hannah Keyser
Youtube, Modernist Cuisine
Youtube, Modernist Cuisine / Youtube, Modernist Cuisine

With Christmastime upon us, some of you might be gearing up for an annual gingerbread house construction project. And depending on the ambitions for your gingerbread creation, you might consider feats of actual architectural wonder for your inspiration. That's exactly what the folks over at Modernist Cuisine did, and their decision to create an homage to Antoni Gaudí's Casa Batlló—itself an inventive and colorful work of art—turned out spectacularly. 

For reference, here's the actual Casa Batlló, which you can see in Barcelona, Spain.

And here is a video of that shows the building of this entirely edible masterpiece. The stained glass windows are made of Jolly Rancher pieces, which was done by "placing the shards in each window of the gingerbread facade, and then baking it on a Baking Steel, topped with a Silpat, in our bread oven. The radiant heat from the top of the oven melts the Jolly Ranchers without burning the bottom of the gingerbread."