20/20 Explains Rap in 1981

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Hood Hype
YouTube / Hood Hype / YouTube / Hood Hype

Strap yourselves in, folks. In this 1981 segment from ABC's 20/20 called Rappin' to the Beat, anchors attempt to explain rap and hip-hop. A few things to watch for:

1. When the anchor explains that rap has "no melody." (!)

2. A 22-year-old Kurtis Blow performing live. (!!)

3. When the anchors refer to Double Dutch as "a street game" where "inner city youth" learn "rhyme-talk."

4. Obligatory breakdancing footage, complete with a New York City Transit Police offer explaining how he thought a breakdancing competition was a riot.

Okay, enough of the explanation. There's so much going on here. Just watch.

(Via Eric Alper.)