Track Your Pet’s Location and Activity Levels From Anywhere With This Incredible GPS Monitor

Findster, YouTube
Findster, YouTube / Findster, YouTube
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If it’s getting distressingly late and your partner still hasn’t gotten home from work yet, a quick text is all it takes to find out where they are and alleviate your worry. Unfortunately, due to a lack of literacy skills and opposable thumbs, the same can’t be said for our pets.

To keep you from having to wonder if your pet is still safe at home whenever you’re at work, out of town, or even on a quick trip to the grocery store, there’s Findster Home—a device that tracks your pet’s location without requiring a cellular connection to send GPS coordinates. Funded in just three days on Kickstarter, you can get your own Findster Home—with one Basestation, one Pet Module and USB charger, and 12 months of Findster Care—for the early-bird price of $169 by heading here. There are also more packages available, depending on your needs.

All you have to do when using Findster is set the small, sleek Basestation somewhere in your home; attach a lightweight, waterproof Pet Module to each collar of up to three pets; and download the Findster app on your smartphone. After that, you’ll be able to check your pet’s location from anywhere. If your pet does happen to escape, the Findster app—and a text message, if you choose—will alert you immediately, along with any other friends or family members who are connected to your pet through the app.

Is your pet trained to have room to roam? You can define a “virtual fence” to run around the perimeter of your yard or even your whole neighborhood, and Findster won’t alert you unless your pet has left that area.

While the GPS tracking capabilities will certainly eliminate that nagging anxiety about your pet’s safety whenever you’re not with them, it’s far from Findster's only offering. It also monitors your pet’s behavior when they’re securely inside, compiling data on their activity levels and indoor location, so you can see where they spend the most time during the day, how much exercise and rest they’re getting, and more. Essentially, Findster Home fills you in on all the information you’d get from a full-time pet sitter.

Findster, YouTube

To help you interpret that data, the makers of Findster Home have developed Findster Care, a subscription service that includes 24/7 access to a veterinarian, analysis of your pet’s daily activity, and early detection of possible health issues based on that analysis over time. Though it’s optional, all Findster Home purchases come with one full year of Findster Care for free.

You can get your own Findster by heading to its Kickstarter page here. You'll have until December 14 to back the product, which is scheduled to begin shipping next June.

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