The AeroGarden Sprout Lets You Grow Herbs and Vegetables Indoors Without Sunlight or Soil

Aerogarden / Amazon
Aerogarden / Amazon / Aerogarden / Amazon
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The packaged greens and pre-planted herbs from the grocery store never seem to last more than a few days, making it hard to keep fresh greens in the house. But if you’re someone that always loves to have herbs around, there’s Sprout by AeroGarden, an indoor garden that lets you grow up to three different vegetables or herbs without sun or soil, no matter how skilled of a gardener you may be.

You can find Sprout in black at Walmart for $50 or on Amazon for $70. Along with the garden, you’ll receive the LED lighting system; a three-pod seed kit, which includes basil, dill, and parsley; and a power adapter.

Setting up is easy. Simply drop in the seed pods, fill the bowl with water and plant food, and plug in the adjustable light fixture, which allows the Sprout to accommodate plants that grow up to 10 inches high. There are 60 LED lights, giving your plants the full spectrum of sunlight, which AeroGarden says allows them to grow faster than normal. The light bulbs are also designed to be efficient, so this indoor garden won’t hike up your electric bill.

The lighting system itself is on an automated timer, so all you'll need to worry about is refilling the food and water, which the control panel will even remind you to do.


And at just five inches wide and 11 inches long, the Sprout is compact enough to fit in just about any living space. Once your herbs are ready to enjoy, make sure to check out our guide to what they pair best with.

You can also check out Tasty, another indoor garden that is currently on sale for $50 and can grow up to three different plants, available exclusively on AeroGarden's website. If three plants just aren't enough, the company also offers an indoor garden that can hold up to nine plants at 24 inches tall for $200 and one that holds 24 plants for $508. But no matter the size planter you go with, make sure you have plenty of seeds to choose from and food to keep them healthy with the Seed Pod Kit for $60.

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