Can You Match the Classic Book to Its Not-So-Classic Sequel?

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1. Little Women

A) Little Kids
B) Little Women II
C) Little Women, Again
D) Little Men

2. The Godfather

A) The Don
B) The Corleone Chronicles
C) The Godfather Strikes Back
D) The Sicilian

3. The Jungle Book

A) The Second Jungle Book
B) Mowgli
C) The Man Club
D) Baloo: Jungle Book II

4. Gone with the wind

A) Scarlett
B) Scarlett’s Revenge
C) The South Returns
D) Rhett’s Place

5. The Andromeda Strain

A) The Andromeda Hunt
B) The Andromeda Affair
C) The Andromeda Plague
D) The Andromeda Evolution

6. Forrest Gump

A) Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
B) The Gumps
C) Gump’s Revenge
D) Gump & Co.

7. Trainspotting

A) More Trainspotting
B) T2: Trainspotting 2
C) Porno
D) Trainspotting Again

8. The Hundred and One Dalmatians

A) A Dog’s Life
B) One Hundred and Two Dalmatians
C) The Starlight Barking
D) Lady and the Tramp

9. The Graduate

A) A Life in Plastics
B) Home School
C) Mrs. Robinson
D) The Postgraduate

10. The Shining

A) Danny
B) Torrance
C) Doctor Sleep
D) The Talisman

11. Catch-22

A) Catch-23
B) Closing Time
C) World War III
D) Captain John

12. Watership Down

A) The Bunny Boat
B) Tales from Watership Down
C) Run, Rabbit, Run
D) Return to the Warren

13. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A) Charlie and the Wonkas
B) Wonka’s World
C) Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
D) Charlie’s Chocolate Empire

14. Rosemary’s Baby

A) Rosemary’s Second Baby
B) Son of Rosemary
C) Daughter of Rosemary
D) The Rosemary Riddle

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Answers: 1:D; 2:D; 3:A; 4:A; 5:D; 6:D; 7:B; 8:C; 9:B; 10:C; 11:B; 12:B; 13:C; 14:B