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Baby Yoda, officially known as "The Child," was Disney's surprise breakout star in the new hit series The Mandalorian, and fans can't get enough of this pint-sized green creature with its cup of bone broth and oversized sweater. But the initial offering of Baby Yoda merchandise left fans disappointed; it was down to just a few T-shirts, a puzzle, and a cellphone holder. However, things are starting to look up with the release of Christmas sweaters, Hasbro figures, lifelike plush toys, and much more. Amazon even has an entire page dedicated to Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian now. So whether you're shopping for yourself or a Star Wars super-fan, you're sure to find something on this list.

1. The Child Hasbro Figures; $13


If you’re like many people, you’re probably more than OK with images of The Child sipping bone broth taking over your social media feed. But if seeing Baby Yoda every other post still isn’t enough, you can pre-order a 2-inch version of this adorable green child posed in many of his most memeable moments. 

Buy it: Amazon

2. Baby Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweater; $45

Star Wars/Amazon

We know this Christmas sweater is advertised as "ugly," but given that this polyester and cotton pull-over has Baby Yoda’s face on it, we think it’s a bit of a misnomer. You can find the sweater in navy, dark heather, or black.

Buy it: Amazon

3. The Child Protect, Attack, and Snack T-Shirt; $25–$27

Hot Topic

This lovable character may look helpless, but he proves that the Force is strong with him early on in The Mandalorian—and that he can swallow whole frogs in a single gulp. Baby Yoda is full of surprises, and we think they’re all perfectly depicted on this T-shirt. If this particular shirt isn’t your style, Hot Topic carries plenty of other designs—including some of the Mandalorian himself.

Buy it: Hot Topic

4. The Child Plush Toy; $25


At 11 inches tall, this soft plush toy is the closest thing to giving the real Baby Yoda a hug. And as an added bonus, the packaging is designed to look just like his crib.

Buy it: Target

5. Baby Yoda Pocket Sweatshirt; $35

Star Wars / Amazon

Making sure The Child gets through each episode of The Mandalorian safely can be stressful. But now, thanks to this pull-over picturing Baby Yoda in oversized robes tucked away in the breast pocket, you’ll know that he'll always be safe and accounted for. If you prefer, there’s a tank top with the same design.

Buy it: Amazon

6. Baby Yoda Nap Time T-Shirt; $23

Star Wars / Amazon

While viewers aren’t quite sure of the inner-workings of The Child’s mind, we know that he understands the value of a good nap. This T-shirt comes in a variety of colors ranging from black to pink. Amazon also offers this design as a tank top.

Buy it: Amazon

7. The Child and the Mandalorian Christmas Sweater; $28–$31

Clothing for Fun / Amazon

It’s becoming more apparent with each episode that the hardened assassin has a soft spot­—especially for his green son. This comes full circle on this cotton sweater, which depicts the Mandalorian hoisting up The Child, so he can place the knob from the space ship atop the tree. If Christmas sweaters aren’t for you, there’s always this pull-over hoodie of Baby Yoda sipping on a White Claw—he is 50 years old, after all.

Buy it: Amazon

8. The Child Talking Plush Toy; $25

Star Wars / Amazon

If hugging a stuffed Baby Yoda still isn’t close enough to the real thing, then maybe this plush toy with 10 different sounds will make the cut. You can pre-order this adorable plush now, and it comes with a cup of tea and space frog—his favorite snack. According to Amazon, it will be in stock on November 15, 2020.

Buy it: Amazon

9. The Child Action Figure; $10

Star Wars / Amazon

Unfortunately, this is another item you’ll need to wait until May 2020 for. But we think this adorable 1.1-inch figure with his cup of tea and space frog is worth it.

Buy it: Amazon

10. Baby Yoda Cell Phone Grip; $17

Star Wars / Amazon

This collapsible grip will allow you to have a better hold of your device with Baby Yoda's adorable face. Amazon also offers different styles. For this one, the artist took some creative liberties, but it still captures the same adorable large eyes and oversized sweater that we've all come to love.

Buy it: Amazon

11. Baby Yoda Funko Pop! Super Sized; $30


We love how Funko Pop! can recreate characters into their aesthetic. This version featuring The Child is a super sized figure so you can prominently display the character anywhere in your home that you want. If you want a matching set, make sure to check out the Funko Pop! of the Mandalorian, his trusty sidekick.

Buy it: Amazon

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