15 Maniacs and What They're Obsessed With

istock / istock

1. Clinomaniacs must fight the excessive desire to stay in bed. Especially on Mondays.

2. People who can never make up their minds might be aboulomanics. Or they might not.

3. The technical term for a workaholic: ergomaniac.

4. People who have a passion for horses are hippomaniacs.

5. Micromaniacs exhibit pathological self-deprecation. Exhibit A: Rodney Dangerfield's entire schtick.

6. That airplane passenger who won't stop talking isn't just annoying. He's a logomaniac.

7. Sometimes logomaniacs are also sophomaniacs—people under the delusion that they're extremely intelligent.

8. But hey, it beats sitting next to a nose-picking rhinotillexomaniac.

9. Phaneromaniacs can't help but pick at scabs and bite their nails.

10. If you think sitomaniacs are always sitting, you're wrong. Their real passion is non-stop eating.

11. Opsomaniacs fixate on one specific food.Think Garfield and lasagna, Homer Simpson and donuts, and ... is it time for tacos yet?

12. You say pathological liar. We say pseudomaniac. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

13. Even while sleeping, bruxomaniacs can't give tooth grinding a rest.

14. Frequent flyer miles and extra passport pages are the lifeblood—and bragging rights—of travel-obsessed dromomaniacs.

15. If you regularly wear a harness, parachute, or bungee cord to jump from high places, you're a catapedamaniac. And you're scaring your mother to death.