The Office Fans Can Now Watch Michael Scott's Threat Level Midnight in Full

YouTube/The Office
YouTube/The Office / YouTube/The Office

Remember Threat Level Midnight, the movie Michael Scott from The Office wrote, directed, and starred in, which allegedly took him 10 years to make? The incredible homemade movie appeared in episode 17 of the show's seventh season, and as every obsessed fan will remember, we only got glimpses of it, broken up by some drama between Michael and Holly.

Well, the official Office YouTube page just released Threat Level Midnight in its entirety, as seen below, and needless to say, it lives up to the hype. In it, Michael fulfills one of his great fantasies—playing detective Michael Scarn, who has to save the world from the threat of the villain Goldenface, portrayed by Jim Halpert (John Krasinski).

The acting is deliberately and delightfully awful. One YouTube user commented, "I like how they paid actors to pretend they didn't know how to act." Each line is delivered as poorly as it's written, but it's all completely authentic to what goes on inside the mind of Michael.

The directing doesn't disappoint, either. There are endless shoot-outs, where guns fired from a few feet away manage to inexplicably miss Michael Scarn, and a fight on ice skates that has to be seen to be believed.

The full movie, which runs approximately 24 minutes, is receiving some mock Oscar buzz from none other than The Office's diehard fans. One person wrote in the comments section, "There's a reason someone in their office is called 'Oscar.'" Another added, "Just when I thought Joker was going to win all the awards."